Roma Sec

Roma Sec have been an amazing asset to many in the boxing industry and have looked after the top
names in boxing across the globe. We feel very safe when Roma are looking after our boxers during
their fights and events. No more than Kaisy Khademi, after sustaining an injury during his last fight, as he won the WBO European Championship.


Khademi’s fans wanted to all celebrate with the man himself. Roma’s guards were able to safely take Kaisy from the ring to his dressing room in a calm and orderly fashion, allowing the champ to congregate with fans in a safe environment and prevent himself from further injury.
Kaisy Khademi: “I love my fan’s they’re the best in the world, really loud and crazy. I thank Roma
Security so much for helping me out post fight”. We are proud to have such a secure and helpful partner.

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